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» Quiz: Which Chaos Legion would you be part of?
Which Chaos Legion would you be part of?
created by Razhbad

On the off chance all 9 leigions offer you their gene seeds which leigion would best suit you

1.) What sort of tactics are best used in combat?
Great organisiation, striking anyway and to use a lot of cultists
Sorcerous powers
Any number of ways possible
To take a strong hold and keep it
To use Bio weapons
To strike in darkness with speed
To charge in destroying all in your path
To use masses of deamons
Assinations to demorilize and then strike quickly

2.) How strong is your Faith?
What Faith
As stong as it needs to be
Only faithful when it suits me
Kill all of my gods opponents
I surpose faith can be useful
I love the gods with my hole heart
Knowledge of my faith makes me stronger
I sacriffice alot
I give in to be strong

3.) What should be done to the populace of an invaded planet
Sacrificed to the gods to gain deamons
Taught the meaning of pain
They may be good as bio wepaons
I need new slaves
give them weapons and the chance to fight us
I'll enlighten their wronged souls
Use them as sheilds
They may make loyal followers

4.) What do you think of your primarch?
He was a weak fool
He surpased Rogal Dorn in every way
He truly was a chosen one of the gods
He deserves more respect
He sacrificed himself for a great goal
He kinda dishouners himself
He betrayed us and we were only trying to help
He guides to perfection and with him we will acheive it
Don't know he don't get out much

5.) What are your favourite colours
Blood is a colour right
Any thing dark
Some thing that is never the same
Anything bright
I Like Black
I only lie dull colours
Colour is irelevent
The colour of my Soul

6.) Who do you Trust the most?
My equipment
My knowledge
My weapons Mwahahahaha
My brothers
Trust they are going to kill me
Only the gods
Trust is not needed with us
The future i know what mine is Dark
I only tolerate

7.) whats is your favourite past time?
Spreading Disease
Making killing fun
Kill Maim Burn
Terrorizing and bringing suffering to the weak
Corrupting those to my cause
Praying to the gods
Sitting in a fortress
Planning a strike on Cadia

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