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» Quiz: What kind of dragon are you?
What kind of dragon are you?
created by Furliniea

Many quizzes are like this, I know, but hey. Try this out anyways.

1.) Do you dream of flying?
Often, and I see others fleeing from my flight!
Yes, over oceans and ice
Yes, and I hated it.
No... why?
All the time.
Yes, but not with wings
Yes, but not in the way you'd think.

2.) Do you find yourself wanting blood and flesh?
All the time.
No... should I be?
Yes, but not often.
No! Not a chance!
Sure, why not?

3.) Do you wish to be a huge, towering beast which all fear?
If it suits the time, sure.
Yes! Yes! Yes! With huge fangs.
No, it gets in the way.
Why? Is everyone else?
No, but I guess if I stood on four legs..
I must be to rule all.
Eeeeeeeep! No!
Should I?

4.) Are you active?
Yes, when you're like me, you have to be.
Very. I move alot.
Yes, I run alot
Hmm.... is everyone else?
Depends on you're view of 'active'
You have to be in my profession.
If I have to be.
Not at all.

5.) Do you enjoy quizzes?
If everyone else does.
If I must, i will pretend to.
yes, alot :-)
Not much.
They are a waste of time.

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