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» Quiz: watz ur anime hair color
watz ur anime hair color
created by Bloody Shadow Dragon

the hair color depends on ur pesonality

1.) color?
bright colors
all colors
Black...or other dark colors

2.) wat do u wear?
somthing kool...wat every1 else likes
skirts n tight shirts...tight jeanz too
somthing only u like and would hurt any1 who tries 2 copy
baggy or ripped clothes
wat ever i feel like that day
pretty dresses
black clothes...boots over black baggy pants or tight back cothyes...either 1
jeans and t-shirt...wat else

3.) wat would u call urself?
ppl like u but not all the time
ur fun and ppl like being around u
very preppy
ur just like an everyday person
u try 2 fit in
im preppy but ppl seem not 2 like me that way
u dont hav much friends and u like 2 be alone

4.) just for fun guess wat ur results will be

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