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» Quiz: What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics)
What dragon species are you? (Stunning pics)
created by evanescence_desire

this is yet another quiz on what ype of dragon are you but it has stunning pictures, one or two of them drawn by myself

1.) This question is so overrated but what's your favourite colour(s)?
Reds, Oranges, Yellows all them purdy fire colours hehe hehe (goes all pyromanic and lights a fire)
I like all the colours of darkness, Black, dark blues, dark purples etc etc
I'm a sucker for the colours of nature, i mean they are just soooo pretty the forest greens and earthern browns and light blue of the sky etc.
(telepathically responds) Do i NEED to answer this?
i love the serenity of blue, the ocean blue is just sooooooo soothing like the waves.
FLASH, SPARK LIGHTNING (drools) them colours like the night and lightning and yay
the sky has the ultimate colours, greys and whites and blues, the calming feeling of a breeze
I like all the colours, i cant pic a favourite really

2.) A decision is left upon you, How shall the world perish? what do you answer with?
FLOODS! lets flood the world to clense it of the evilness it holds as of now
DARKNESS!!! shroud the world in darkness causing the people to go insane and kill themselves or others mwuahahahaa
FIRRRRRREEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! enough said hehehe ;)
Tornadoes, hurricanes pledge these foul souls a powerful demise
WELLLLLLLLLLLLLL i'd send lightning to strike places such as Nuclear powerplants and all them places to wipe out the World
Earthquakes, ravage animals attacking and devouring people, even people devouring other people bwuahahahaha
I'd force ppeople to kill eachother through the powers of my PSI capabilities, the mind is a powerful being if used to its full extent
(shrugs) why not use ALL of the possibilites as a strong and destructive force
(dont click here it was an accident)

3.) At school what stereotyped label do you fit?
Freak, hot tempered and dangerous
Goth, wanting to devour the light with the overwhelming power of darkness
Jock, cool and collective like water
Prep, estatic and bubbly, full of energy like the flashing lightning of a storm
hippy, tree hugging and all natural, animal lover and protester towards the destruction of forests
Geek, like a breeze of wind you can complete those math tests or chem equations
Im too smart for a label, more like a super nerd with a sixth sense
Normal, no sort of trait that fits you into a label you're just....normal

4.) if you were to be a genre of music what would you be?
NO MUSIC OR ARISTOCRATIC MUSIC(orchestral and opera)

5.) If you were to be a wild animal what would you be?
Wolf, you hide within your den with your pack and hunt as a blood thristy monster
Lion, you run everything around you, you're lazy and get everyone to do it for you
fire ant you may be tiny but you are bloody mighty
dolphin, you are hyperactive and happy, you are the only other animal that has sex for pleasure
Domestic dog, you are mans best friend and are popular for it, strong, athletic etc..
Chimpanzee you are very intelligent
The animal i would be would have to be something with a sixth sense or as extremely intelligent as me
I'd be a cat, just a normal cat

6.) What MYTHICAL animal would you be?
Psi Elemental
Rok, a lightning ruling gigantic eagle.
water serpent
rock golem
shadow demon
something that contains all Elements, the ultimate element

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