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» Quiz: What Mythical Creature Best Suites Your Personality?
What Mythical Creature Best Suites Your Personality?
created by Funny_Bunny

Do you wanna know what mythical creature that has your personality? Take the quiz to find out.

1.) How would your friends describe you?
Wonderful to be around.
Mean and bossy.
Timid and smart.
Loyal and strong.

2.) Where would you rather live?
In the meadows.
In deserted castle that no one comes near.
In the clouds where you can be alone.
Somewhere next to the gym.

3.) What is your favorite color?
Beautiful golden colors.
Black and Red.
Anything soft, like pastel colors.
Greens and browns.

4.) If someone stole your treasure, what would you do?
Earn some more. That was junk anyway.
Tear the land apart tree by tree till you get it back.
Weep over your loss.
No one could steal MY treasure. I gaurd it to well.

5.) You loan something to another person but thehy don't return it, What do you do?
Go to their house and politely ask for it back.
Plot a terrible revenge on them.
Ask your mother to go get it for you. Who knows what they might do!!
Everybody returns MY things. I wonder why?

6.) Your wearing your brand new shirt and your friend spills water on it. What plan of action do you do?
Forgive them. She didn't mean it.
Yell and scream at her/him.
Start crying. Mommy is NOT going to like this!!!
Change into the extra shirt you always bring to school.

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