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» Quiz: Are you Saintly or Demonic?
Are you Saintly or Demonic?
created by The Pope (Clayton)

Take this quiz and you shall see just which side you are on...

1.) Have you always been more drawn to the night? More drawn to the Dark? Or are you a passenger of the sun? A parson of the light?
I enjoy the night, something about makes me happy... makes me... at home
I dont like what I cannot see, I live in the day, as a person was meant to
I guess that I like the day, but im a night person, the dark makes me at peace, yet the light gives me strength

2.) If a man you didnt know were bleeding saverely from the abdomen, and you were the only person who could possibly save him.... would you?
Of course! I would do all in my power and the next mans to save him!
Leave him... maybe if he dies he will finally be at peace.... but how can I? He need my help...
Put him out of his misery, he will die no matter if I help him or not.... his ring is nice... heh MY ring is nice!

3.) All is comming crashing down, the world is dying, nothing will save it. What do you do?
Hahahahaha! I will not die! Im too strong, maybe ill lure some frightened people into an alley and mug them.
What can I do?
I saver my moments, living with love, praying

4.) Have you ever wished to or had a burning sensation to kill a person?
Soametimes, when I really hate them, they piss me off so much! FUCK!
Yes, but I dont like the thought so much, I dont thinking about it...
what you kidding me or what? Everyone does, why do you think we are all going to hell?

5.) Do you believe in heaven and hell?
Yah, they are the basis structure of my life
No, the whole thing just seems too much for me, it cant be explained
Yes I do, but in the end we will all end up in hell...

6.) Will you drown for all eternity in the Lake of Fire?
No, I dont believe in that shit.
Most likely, but who wont, I mean its not like anyone is perfect.
Possibly I will, but thats okay, I lived my life as how I belived it. But I know I'll be fine in the after life.

7.) Is the world a place where only war and violence can get you somewhere? Or is it the Love and friendships that lead to sanctuary?
Love can save and overcome anything.
The worlds history is based on conflict. To think that such a thing as love will save us... Love has nothing to do with it.
Define sancuary, Define get you somewhere...

8.) Last question. What do you see yourself as deep inside?
Red eyes, black feathered wings and tusks, I have a black blade of bone. Fire and screams of the dead and dying around me.
Dressed in fine blue and white cloth, a lance at my side, a face of stone and wisdom.
I dont know, maybe a knight decked out in armor, or a skeliton with breath of fire.... What the Fuck kind of question is this?

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