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» Quiz: Can you be corrupted?
Can you be corrupted?
created by Razhbad

Would you be corrupted by the 4 Chaos and become their champion, would you always be haunted by the darkness within you or would you be loyal to the emperor and never faulter

1.) Knowledge and weapons of your enemies should be?
Locked away so none can ever see
Used to gain an advantage over your foes
Used to wipe the emperors foes from the face of existance

2.) You would spend an evening with your partner doing?
Prayers to Emperor and his Primarchs
Having a romantic night not worrying about anything
Dinking and having as much sex as possible

3.) In battle what should happen to your enemies?
Shoot them at a good distance away and not concentrate on who they are
Burn them to the ground and hope for the best
Charge in guns a blazing hand weapon ready to teach them the emperors will

4.) A small band of Chaos cultists appear on your world, what do you do?
Inform the inquisition even if it may result in the entire planet being destroyed
Kill them quickly and have it covered up
Ignore them no one will probably listen to them

5.) You get seriously ill at a young age and you know you will die do you?
Accept the obvious and painfully die
Research any information to save yourself
Ask any one to save you

6.) Your enemy is slowly dies infront of you
Ease his passing he shouldn't exist any longer
Keep him alive long enough to find out any information on the enemy
Let him suffer that will teach him to oppose the emperor

7.) Chaos Marines are striking at the Eldar and do you deal with this?
Go to the planet and aid the Eldar but inform them this is no alliance
Take your ship to the area and destroy both Eldar and Chaos after all they are both enemies
Leave them, Eldar have killed humans before why should you do anything

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