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» Quiz: Which Famous Knight of the Round Table are you?
Which Famous Knight of the Round Table are you?
created by AcrylicPerception

Which famout knight (including Kind Arthur himself) are you?

1.) This may seem a little old, but go ahead a select a color.
Golds or purples
Blues or oranges.
Reds and greens
White, light yellow, pale colors in general.
Blacks, darkest of dark colors.

2.) Pick some words to describe your personality in general.
I try to be Noble, fair, just, and compassionate, but I can have an iron fist when I need it.
I'm never good enough. I constantly improve upon myself, even though other people might percieve me as being just fine.
Fiery, tempered, easy to anger. I take love very lightly and don't let myself get involved. I'm emotional, however, and care for my family and honor.
Pure, quiet, perhaps a little vain. I believe that everyone should be good and live to high standards.
Moody, secretive, and a little angry at the world. With good reason, might I add.

3.) It's a Saturday night. Where are you and what are you doing?
It depends. Sometimes I go out, sometimes I stay home and fiddle with a computer or something else.
I'm working on bettering myself. Possibly working out or catching up on something from school/work. I could never be as good enough.
Fighting with authority or out drinking and starting bar quarrels. I like to get out and show people I have no fear!
Sleeping. I have to attend mass tomorrow!
Shut up in my room, with the lights out, listening to sad music. Life blows.

4.) Ever ridden a horse before?
Yes. I loved it.
Well, I might have.
HELL YES! I was the champ back home.
Why ride when you can walk? It's not fair to the horses.

5.) What do you think of life?
It's a little unfair, I suppose, but thee is no reason that I can't make it better!
I don't know. Sometimes I consider taking mine.
You have to be proud so people don't detect weakness. And stand up for the little people.
Well...it is the only time to better yourself for the afterlife. Judgment, you know!
IT SUCKS. I wish I wasn't who I am...
I don't know.

6.) Describe your lovelife.
Well...there's this one special person. And I care for them. But they love someone else along with me, and I just want them to be happy.
I'm loved by someone elses significant other. I feel like crap abut it too.
It's just a game. People need to take love less seriously, but if you can find true love, all the more power to you.
What lovelife?
Other people are too good for me. So I happily expose scandals.

7.) Which of these is a preferred method of death?
I don't know. I just hope I can sort out problems before I pass away.
Something honorable.
Defending those I love dearest, like family.
At the peak of perfection, passing into the afterlife to better the world there.
Something gruesome to evoke pity.

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