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» Quiz: Which W.I.T.C.H character are you?
Which W.I.T.C.H character are you?
created by Bloody Shadow Dragon

have you ever herd of the book series W.I.T.C.H...well find out whitch W.I.T.C.H you are

1.) Finally some free time! What do you do?
Ride a bike
Read a book
Start an art project
Stalk a crush
Hit the mall

2.) This Saturday is the skool dance...What is a must buy?
A comfy outfit
Hair accessories
A funky skirt
Lip gloss
A new expensive outfit

3.) You just had a fight with your parents...What do you do?
Call your best friend to talk
Get quiet
Throw a temper tantrum
Go to your room
Write or draw in your journal

4.) Friends are bumming you out and you want to be alone...What do you do?
Go for a swim
Light an aroma theropy candle and chill out
Go for a walk in the fresh air
Alone? Who wants to be alone?
Go shopping! Retail theropy!

5.) Whats your favorite subject
biology & science

6.) Whats your favorite sport
Ice skating
Playing practical jokes

7.) Whats your favorite color?

8.) On the first day of skool you...
Start a new club
Hide behind your books
Go with the flow
Wear a great outfit
Say hello to everyone

9.) If your crush calls wanting to know todays math assignment you...
Give the wrong assignment
Quickly give the assignment and hang up
Dont know...to many doodles in my notebook
Forget about the assignment and end up talking for hours
Wind up with a date

10.) Your planning a night with your friends...what do you do?
Go to a movie
Go to a basketball game
Go to a dance at skool
Rent romantic videos and eat popcorn
No plans...be spontanious

11.) You and your friends are at the movie store...what section do you go to?

12.) You have a book report in biology...what person do you right about?
fashion designer
famous artist

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