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» Quiz: What Celtic Diety are you?
What Celtic Diety are you?
created by blazingdragon

Answer me these questions and see, that of the twelve that you have delved, will bring to you the givin shoe, shown the clue that is most like you!

1.) Which of these do you seek?
collecting from taxes
unfailing protection
protector of the weak
unbrakable trust
always to change but stay the same

2.) What would you like to be called?
White son of darkness
Radiant brow
Great smith

3.) what would you want?
super hearing
magical spear and rod-sling
spear and shelid
a magic couldron of regeneration
the power to cast a destroying curse on any man

4.) What would you like to be?
King of the underworld
King of Fairies
Master Magician
Death Goddess
Ruler of the waves

5.) What is most important to you?
Ruler of my own fate

6.) You would rather have...
Three large hounds
A loyal pack of dogs
Poweres in the astral plane
power to distroy anyone and everyone
Knowledge beyond measure

7.) You would rather be...
A hero
the ultimate dispater
a mother to all
a wild man living of the forest eating wild boar

8.) Of these trates which would you want?
The protector of all animals
The ability to creat using metal
to be like the moon ever changing yet remaing the same
Have Beauty that is unsurpassable

9.) Which of these colors do you like the best?
Green, Brown, and Orange
Gold, Blue, and Silver
Red, Black, and White

10.) Which of these do you prefure the most?
To escort souls into the underworld
To be the chief all all bards
The ability to luwer men
The chance to be payed back in full for survices rendered
To be the master of the hunt
Become the ultimate horse-breeder
Make the best ale that will protect you in battle and cure all ills
Become something new each day

11.) And the last and final question, where and what would you like to do for the rest of your life?
Spend it with your trusty dogs and sit next to a toasty harth
Spend it on the sea, becoming the most powerful wave of all
Be in control of the worlds wealth and commerce
Be the ultimate protector of horses
Make weapons that will always hit there mark and leave a fatel wound
Become a jack-of-all trades and have the power to become a seer
Become an all powerful worrior, and watch over those horses that are wildest of them all
Control of the taxes
Become a master Magicain and bring money and prosparity where ever I go
Write beautiful poems and music, and become a master wizard who has complete control over magic
Forever watching the past, futur and present
Watch the world change from the heveans as you change shape but always stay the same

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