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» Quiz: What vampire would you be?
What vampire would you be?
created by indiebaby

A fun delightful mind treat! Find out your ultimate darker side no matter who you are. With a bite over here a lick of blood to the right we can begin promptly.

1.) You are now a Vampire. The night has come and the time has arrived to leave your apartment. Were do you plan to go with an urge of blood in your system?
Down to the local park near beside the lake. Bound to be teenagers caressing one- another , they are dumbfounded to my need to blood.
Far away from all humity to its utter death crys in the cemetary. I can strive on rats untill i clean mys sinned body.
Into the city to a sweaty night club
A local metel show a few blocks away. My new pale skin and tight curls will bring fresh meat to my feet instantly.
I belive i will soon pack my bags to a deserted loaction far from here. I shalt hurt anyone beside me, whom i once trusted and loved as a human.

2.) Within the Nightclub walls who do you see? Your flushed with anger!
Your X with someone at least ten years your junior. You will prowl the parking lot for the old soul later.
A mortal staring you in the eyes as if they know your true intentions. How ungrateful they are for their pityful life.
The men/woman beside you momently devoring your good looks being drawn to another of the same sex. You smell dinner.
Your sister being harrased by a discusting excuse for a male. You charge up greatly, his body lifed by the neck.

3.) Later that evening, you ventered into the castle. Walking around you notice some items. What do you pick up and look at however?
A long detailed sword of magestic red rubies with what must surely be gold.
A family portrait of the people who lived long ago in the big freakish place.
A fabulous vintage corset. You just cannot wait to try it out on the males.
An array of coffins in the basement. A perfect place for
You see a thrown upstairs. It fits your bottem perfectly.

4.) You venture to the cemetary in order to find a place to sleep since the castle became so far away. Were do you choose to rest?
You find an attractive person weeping over a loved one. You rub their back then trash quickly into their neck sleeping in the trunk for the day.
You open the above level coffins of the pastors. Close the doors and rest.
Find a sewer pipe and crawl into it.

5.) What's one of your favorite charecters from the following?
Incubus-Seducer and killing machine.
Nemesis- Goddess of Revenge
Sleeping Beauty, forever in her castle.
Freddy Kruger. Selfless killer.
Edward Scissor Hands. Depressing lonesome soul

6.) Of the following, as a vampie who would be your first kill?
My highschool Principal. That man has a feather up his ass and was always trying to smash me into detention. Even for crap i never did.
Brad Pitt, Marylin Manson, Pam Anderson, even Jennifer Love Hewitt. There sexual appeal drives me to gain it from them thoguh their energy.
My best friend for invadeing my privacy. What they did was un speakable. Anyone to discourage your honer is elimated.
The first person i see. I strive for blood so deeply i am beginning to ache.
I would ever so confused. I would never under any circumstances kill another. The tempation hard, but i'd rather deal with doves.

7.) Weeks later you see your name in the paper. 3,000 doller reward if you are found. People are beginning to look and stare. How shall you deal with the fame?
Whomever dares come across me shall be slaughtered and heart eaten for fun.
I would rush to my castle. If anyone were to come onto the property, i would move gracefully in my cape to invite them for some tea before i kill them
I would ramble on in the cemetary, finding numerous hiding spots sinc emy family coudl never accept me.
I would play mind games with any person stepped into my devilish path. They would have a sensual awakenign before their death.
I would hide intill i found the perfect victim. I can read the giving of pain upon anyone. Those givers of pain would recive mine.

8.) What are your sheets made of?
Pure Egyption Cotten
Only my sins and tears.
Lush cotten filled comforter
Linens covered in virgin blood
Dark maroon pure silk sheets.

9.) Do you have any wheapons on hand?
Only my cunning personailty.
A machine gun. No one is allowed to get away.
Pins for allureing pleasure before the bite of death.
A simple hachet does the trick for a painful death.
Nothing at all.

10.) Whats your biggest fear?
The sun
Anyone who could possibly over power me.
Nore people then i can handle alone.
Being this way forever

11.) Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?
Rocky Road
Cotten Candy

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