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» Quiz: What is your inner Demon?
What is your inner Demon?
created by evanescence_desire

This quiz will reveal what darkness hides within the depths of your blackhearted soul

1.) A child is all alone crying in the middle of a quiet park. Its just you and you see the child. What do you do to it?
poke it with a stick and engage horrific experiments on it
Entice it with kindness then take it home and cook roast child for dinner, surprising your unsuspected parents with an unkown roast ;)
Approach it kindly and offer to help it out and find its parents or doll or whatever seems to making it cry
walk up behind, following it silently, waiting for a perfect moment to strike and have your way with it (think however you wanna think about that)
Set it alight and laugh your ass off so much you literally piss your pants and get off on the idea of a burning child

2.) Ok here is the most common question. your favourite colour(s)?
Black, Black and lets see...BLACK
Red, pink, nice fleshy colours ;)
light happy colours such as white and light blue etc
Black, dark blues and purples
Red, orange, yellow black all colours resembling fire (you lil pyromaniac)

3.) when the word sex is involved in common discussion with your mates what does your mind think about?
Your mind immediately focuses on practices such as BDSM, Bondage and other painful kinks that involve chains and pain
Blood, biting, you are a crazed mofo who likes to taste their partner during sex.
you think about a nice bedroom with incense, candles a real romantic and serene sort of atmosphere
you think about sneaking up behind some helpless girl or guy and raping them in the shadows of a dark alley, you grin and laugh maliciously
you think about wild dark temptations involving mass amounts of pain marks blood splatter maybe even death. You're the type that would rape and murder

4.) You're in class and your teacher had fallen ill, being replaced by a new first time teaching substitute. How do you treat the poor old dear?
stick pins on the teachers seat and cause a raucus of stress involving, yelling, rebellion and could cause the teacher a heart attack
look at the teacher hungrily, raising your hand to ask very politely...you look tastey miss....can i eat you? sounding like golem in the second half
you being the typical teacher's pet offer assistance which gets on everyones nerves, probably causing you some death threats
stare at the teacher with a blank expression, not blinking once within an hour which is causing the teacher to feel extreme discomfort
start muttering dark curses, having red contacts in to totally freak the teacher out to cause her death by a certain heart attack

5.) what do you think you'll get as your result?
something dark and extremely evil, who likes to be cruel to animals
something that has a distinct hunger for blood or even human flesh(definantly NOT a vegetarian)
You dont think you have an inner demon you just took this quiz for the sake of killing boredom...Oo
you think maybe something sneaky, dark and quiet. Silence is a huge form of torture in certain ways
SATANIC!!! you think you're gonna get something that'll symbolise the spawn of satan which you pretty well are if you are to get THIS result

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