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» Quiz: What HeartBreaker girl are you?!
What HeartBreaker girl are you?!
created by Gistle

Find out which girl from my story, HeartBreaker you are! (boy version coming out soon too!)

1.) What is your weapon?
A. A spear!
B. A huge sword! Hack n slash BOOYAH!
C. A whip with little thorns on it!!!! Thorns are on flowers! I like pretty flowers! MEOW!!! :)
D. Bombs. Not that it's any of YOUR buisness.I'm out of here...
E. Daggas! Slice and sice ya!
F. A bow and arrows. I can handle any monster with them.
G. Does a big Airship count as a weapon?! (Calculates on computor) Oh I guess not...
H. My powerful goddess aura...(left eye glows)
I. Um- a sword what else? Oh geez! Barely ANYONE has a sword! At least that other chick has some sense...

2.) Are you a Guardian? And if you are of which element?!
A. Yes I am! I'm da Wind! (whoosh)
B. Mmmhmm! I'm the main one! I got lightning AND sky! Boomshakalacka!
C. Ya ya ya ya ya! I'm snowy! Snow is cold! Like an icee! MEOW! :)
D. Not that is any of your buisness. Yes I am darkness. Now shut up and leave me alone.
E. Nopies!
F. No.
G. No- I just fly the ship!
H. Am I a Guardian? Honey I'm in CHARGE of them.

3.) Who's your ideal boyfriend of the boy group?
A. Beu is kind cute...
B. Beu is wrapped around my little finger (wink wink)
C. Plakta is so cute!
D. Heni? No....well maybe. Oh well (blows everyone up) heh heh...
E. Eew! Boys?! Gag me with a spoon! (Nagia gags her with a spoon
F. Lissara is so smart! I just love that...
G. Aloka is kind good looking...
H. There was a a man once...long ago.
I. No one! I am SO tired of this quiz! I'm out! (goes and destroys a village)

4.) What is your Animal?!
A. My dog- what a second! My dog died?!?! Aw crap!
B. A falcon.
C. A big spider!!! He is soooo cute! MEOW! :)
D. A snake. (hiss)
E. Huh?! Whatchu talking bout boy?!?!
F. What?
G. Um...my computor?!
H. A peacok (sorry for the spelling)

5.) Last question! What is your most valuable possession?!
A. My Guardian Stone!
B. My necklace...and my sword of coarse...
D. Shut up (blows up the person taking the quiz) heh heh...oh yeah- my favorite things are my bombs.
E. Erm....DAGGAS!
F. My....headband?
G. MY AIRSHIP!!!! I LOVE YOU BABAY! (Cleans ship all day)
H. (blink) My duaghter of course!
I. OKAY THAT'S IT! I'M SICK OF YOU ALL! (Kills everyone) mwuhahaha! Oh crap! (They attack her back) EEEEP!

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