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» Quiz: what label should you date?
what label should you date?
created by foreverwalkalone

take a quiz and see, which clique you should date

1.) what type of religion are you looking for in a girl, or a guy?
a girl with a differetn religion so I can make my religion hers
a witch. Wicca, or satanist
I don't care about religion...
I don't care, what religion she has as long as she goes to church
someone with the same religion
I don't know much about religion knowing how I don't have one.
I hate religion. why does it have to be involved in love? Or why should it?
I don't go to church... we make our own church at home, because we think the other churches are weird
I'm into religion. But I barely go to church. If it's something fun like one eighty where you play games, and eat good food, I'm there.
I want someone who is commited to the lord, as much as I am. Someone who goes to church, all the time, and studies the bible
I don't care about religion! It's fucked up!
Athiest. Someone who, agrees with me about evolution. that is impossible, to have a god that lives in the sky, and a god that lives in the ground.

2.) what type of clothing do you normally wear?
something that's in. a nice pair of jeans, and a nice shirt, with a watch, and perfect hair...
I have to go to sports, practice all the time, so I normally wear a pair of shorts, and a jersey that supports my team
I wear, what I normally want to wear. I don't care, what's in or what's not in.
I wear anything, that involves my gang colors
I wear tacky clothing, with chains hanging off of them, and a mowhawk or, something cool as my hairstyle
I wear, anything that has violence on it. like exploding cars, etc
I wear, something that my parents, and the lord and god will approve of
I wear anything that black people wear, like baggy clothes, and gold medallions.I'll wear, anything the white people wear. clothes that fit.
I wear, bootcuffed jeans, overalls, and flanneled/ checkered shirts.
I wear glasses, a nice pair of slacks, with a baggy t-shirt
I don't care what I wear. I normally wear baggy pants, and t-shirts though, and look like a slob.
Anything black.

3.) What type of person do you like?
prepy girls/guys
Gothic men/ladies
Stoners. Rather it's a guy or a girl
I like country bumpkins
I like, intellgient.brainy people
I like the people who are involved in sports, suck as football, or cheerleading
I like a person, who is their own unique individual, and they wont follow what's in and what's out.
I like people who wear weird stuff, and spike their hair, or wear it in a cool do.
I like someone who can fight, and kick some ass!
I like the toublemakers. Badboys/girls.
I like the wiggers. They are hot, even though they act like morons,
a nice, christian, guy/girl

4.) out of all the physical assets, out their what do you like?
an average weighted guy/ or an anorexic girl
a hot, ttanned, and buff guy or a hot tan, and average weighted girl
a short and stocky, tough guy, or a tough, tall, and well built girl
any guy or girl who will do their own thing, the assets don't matter to me.
a tall, a weak muscled guy. or a short, and stong girl
I like a well muscled, and an exremely tall guy. I like a short, and lean girl
I like anyone, as long as they're into the lord
I like the short and skinny guys. I like the small, and chubby girls with big asses
I like a stong, and underfed guy/girl, who can do some hard laboring
I like the slightly tall and lanky guys. I like the tall and lanky girls
I like the the guys, and girls who looked stoned.
I like the pale, and tall guys. I like the pale and tiny girls

5.) Why do you like the type of person you like?
I like them because they are hot, and perfect. They guys are airheads, the way i like it, and the girls are easy to get into their pants.
they look sexy in that foot ball gear. It makes their ass look muscular, and tight. the girls look hot in the chaeerleading outfits
because the gangsters can fight, and it turns me on!
the loners are unique in their own way, and i like that!
I like the thugs because, they are so bad!
I like punks because they are cool, and hot
I like the person I like, because they are into the lord
becuase, wiggers are hot
their hillbilly accent is a turn-on
their intellgence, amazes me.
when the girls get high, it's easy to fuck them, and the wont remember. Whenthe guys get hight, it gets them hard, and we get to bang
because they have a very creative mind, and they are very artsy, and poetic

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