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» Quiz: What celeb guy will you marry?(Only girls take this unless your gay!!)
What celeb guy will you marry?(Only girls take this unless your gay!!)
created by ~Angel~

you wanna know who you will marry take this quiz to find out?

1.) Your laying on your bed writing in your journel when the phone rings. You pick it up to her this really cute famous guy on the phone. It's your lucky day!!! He tell's you he say you walking down the street earlyer and thought you were beautiful and tracked down your phone number from a friend. He asks you out to dinner what do you wear to yourdate
Anything, just what you usually wear.
baggy clothes and a bling bling.
Casual clothes
Tight jeans and a tube top
You LOVE the 70's so you deside to wear those 70's clothes that have been tuffed away in your parents closet for ages.

2.) It's 8:00pm and your guy is at your front door to pick you up. Your guy likes anyhing you deside to wear. Wear do you go to dinner?
A nice casual resterant.
A punk resterant
A keroke resterant.You love sinnging at places!
A nice Italien resterant.
Fast food!

3.) you are starving what do you order?
Just what you usually eat
A salad.There low in fat!
Salmon. Yum.
You are having troubles deciding so you get your guy to decide what you should have.
You get what your guy orders.

4.) Your guy drops you off at home. and gives you a kiss good night. How did you like your date?
You LOVED it your guy was so sweet!!!!!
You liked it your guy was a good singer
It was alright your guy was a bit to quiet.
You HATED it your guy was awful!
Your guy played to many pranks on you but some how you still want to go on another date with him.

5.) Ok, it's been a year now and you and your guy have been dateing non stop. Your guy has asked you to marry him. where do you want to get married?
You just want a nice normal wedding in a church.
You have a nice wedding on a really nice big yaught out on the ocean somewhere.
You have a huge wedding in paris with lot's of people.
you want to elope.
you have a small wedding buy a lake.

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