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» Quiz: Who is your famous soul mate? (For Girls)
Who is your famous soul mate? (For Girls)
created by BikerChick85

Answer a few simple questions and see who you are destined to be with..

1.) How does your ideal guy greet you?
Hey, It's great to meet you.
Yo, what up?
Hello, I'm.....

2.) What is your idea of a perfect first date?
A walk on the beach at sunset.
Going to see a 50 cent concert.
A romantic candlelight dinner.
Playing practical jokes on your friends!

3.) What is your perfect guy into?
The Music
Reading and Writing poems.
Playing tricks on friends!

4.) Your ideal guy has to go away on a trip..how does he say goodbye?
He says he loves you and he'll call you every night.
He'll dedicate a song to you!
What do you mean, say goodbye? I'm going with him!!
He'll give you a CD burnt with yours and his favortie love songs.

5.) What do you think the best Movie/TV show is?
Freaky Friday.
8 mile.
Pirates of the Caribbean!

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