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» Quiz: Are you a good friend?
Are you a good friend?
created by Emma!

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1.) Your mate asks you to the cinema cause they've got no one else to go with but it's a rubbish film! What do you say?
I'm washing my hair. Bye.
I'm kinda tired and busy and I don't really feel like a film, maybe next time mate.
Yes if you really want me to then sure, I'll come.
Piss off, I hate that film!

2.) Your friends not very popular at the moment but you are. As you walk through town with cool people you bump into your uncool friend, who says hi what do you say?
Errr hi (and walk on quickly).
Get lost I'm with cool people here and your cramping my style!
Do I know you?
Oh hi how are you here are my new friends!

3.) Your'e meant to meet your friend for lunch but you get invited out by someone cute for lunch aswell, what do you do?
Go and meet your mate and ask the cute person if you can make it another time.
Tell them you are stuck in a meeting.
Go have lunch with the cute person and don't bother telling your mate, who cares!
You ring your friend and say you had a better offer.

4.) What is your favourite thing about your best mate?
Their loyalty and sense of fun!
Their money! Ha ha ha!
I can't think of anything.
They're funny of course!

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