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» Quiz: How romantic are you?
How romantic are you?
created by ForEverYourrs

Are you so romantic its breath taking? or just flat out dull and boring in a relationship? find out!

1.) Your Sweet heart comes and picks you up.. What is the first thing you say??
Hey Beautiful i thought about you all day!
i missed you, did u you miss me?
Hey lets go now..
OH MAN i had so many dreams about what we will do tonight!!
Hey babe.. (smile)
I thought about your beautiful face all day!

2.) Its your bf/gf's b-day tomarrow.. what did u get them?
A picture of the 2 of you with a cute frame decorated by you
A teddy bear
Umm wait im supposed to get them something?
Just the pleasure you can provide;)
Take them to a movie with a good night kiss

3.) You are dreaming about?...
What your bf/gf might be doing right now
How cute your babe is!!
Umm im tired.. i dont dream i just sleep
umm dreams? i dont kno
AHH wet.. dreams

4.) waht kind of kisses do u like
BIG long soppy ones that u need a bib for
A nice lil make out session
cute lil butterfly kisses, and lil pecks.. the cute ones you know?
umm... i dont like kissing my bf/gf its boring
just a kiss
forget the kisses im all the way home

5.) New years eve.. where are u
In my babys arms
Kissing my baby
umm sleeping?
ohh you know;)!!!!!
umm out with friends and my bf/gf is there
Out with my family

6.) Youre idea of a good date is..
Staring at each other and holding each other... well watching a movie
Any where as long as your with your baby
um at the science fair
My room!
i dont know.. it doesnt matter.. just hope its not boring.. sometimes it is!

7.) Its christmas, your babe needs help gettin a gift for his/her mom you say..
What ever you pick out will be wonderful
Bubble bath and candels.. that is what id want!
u mu buy ur mom gifts?? just keep the money
A cook book

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