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» Quiz: Would U do good in my group of friends?
Would U do good in my group of friends?
created by Moira

Yah I have friends!!! This quiz is just to see if they'll like U

1.) What music do U like?
Rock, Hardrock, Metal, stuff like that...Ya know, as long as it's violent.
Only the 'cool' music
Songs that have a deeper meaning

2.) Which of the following bands do U like the most?
The Rasmus
Justin Timberlake (Yaya I know, he isn't a band, shut up okay)
Disturbed or Static-X
Britney Spears, Madonna, Jennifer Lopez and girlz like them

3.) Which word of the following suits you best?
Own Style

4.) Do U think it's weird that I make quizzes like 'are U like me' and 'would you do good in my group of friends?'
Yes, you're weird, you suck
Yes, you're weird, that's kinda funny

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