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» Quiz: Do you make me horny?
Do you make me horny?
created by Clover


1.) 1. I'm over at your place and your parents aren't there. I drop my mascara on the floor so I bend over to pick it up and you can see my ass. What is your reaction?
A) Get all horny, tear my clothes off and lick me out
B) Bend over yourself and pick it up for me.
C) Blush, and say: Um.. I can see your underwear...
C) Wait until I pick it up, pull me closer to you and make out with me
E) Blush and do nothing

2.) 2. Again, we're alone at your place and we kiss. What do you do?
A) Strip me down, chain me to the couch and use me as your sex slave
B) Tear my shirt and bra off and do stuff with my boobs
C) Blush and wait until I stop
D) Hold me close in your arms and tell me how much you love me
E) Pull me closer to you and we make out

3.) 3. I'm naked in my room and you come in. What is your reaction when you see me nude?
A) Tear your clothes off, shackle me to my bed, stick your dick/finger down my pussy and lick me out
B) Come in, close the door behind you, you kiss me and we make love for some time
C) Blush, say sorry and get out
D) Blush, looking down on the floor and stiffly close the door as you go out

4.) 4. You see me cheating on you. What do you do?
A) Cry your heart out... You thought I loved you.
C) Strip me down anyways and you and the other person will take turns eating me out. Then you fuck me.
D) We talk about it like civilised people
E) Shed a few tears, look at me for one last time and then run away

5.) 5. I thought you were cheating on me when you weren't and I yell at you. What do you do?
A) Strip me down, chain me extra tight to a chair and sex the life out of me
B) Look down on the floor and leave, feeling awful
C) Yell back at me and apologize a week later
D) Tell the honest truth
E) Walk across the room towards me and flatter me so I'd forget what I was saying

6.) 6. I ask you what type of movie you want to watch for the night. What do you suggest?
B) Violent action movies with lots of hot sex.
C) Smile charmingly, and say: How about you watch me tell you you're beautiful and read/sing romantic poems to you?
C) Um... I don't know...
D) What do you suggest, O beautiful one?
E) Romantic comedies. Lots of kissing and girl-flattering. Get any ideas?

7.) 7. If I asked to make a portrait of me, what would you draw?
A) My face, obviously.
B) Your lovely face. I'll make it bring out your soulful eyes.
C) My vagina or boobs
D) My naked body lying on the couch in an erotic pose
E) Still my naked body(Ehem, nude... but in a tasteful pose.

8.) 8. You want to marry me. Why?
A) Because you love me with all your life and want to be with me wherever I shall go. Plus, you'll pay for my college education.
B) Because you want my hot sexy body and want lots and lots of hot sexy daughters you can fuck too.
C) Because I make you horny.
D) Because.. well because... I'm nice and I always know what to do?
E) We share the same interests and I make your heart sing

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