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» Quiz: Are you a good kisser
Are you a good kisser
created by SpAm4x

Hummm can you pass the test???

1.) When you kiss you like...
A lot of toung!
A little toung
A little toung here and there

2.) When you kiss do you....
Feel on them
touch there hair
Grab there head

3.) When you kiss do you?..
Go wild toung all over
Act like your licking a ice cream cone
just kiss
Fallow the girl/boy

4.) Your kissing a girl and she says give me more toung you would...
Act like u didnt here her
Give her/him what they asked for
Give her/him toung then stop then start again messing with her/him
Give i to him/her for a sec

5.) Do you kiss alot?
Yes i do my boy/girl friend more then 20 times a day
Not really
Der i love to kisssss!

6.) What do people say when you kiss them?
keep going

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