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» Quiz: What Type of Flirt are You?
What Type of Flirt are You?
created by JyAnHw21487

How do you turn a cute stranger into a crush or, better yet, your date for next Saturday night? By flirting, of course! We all have our own way of letting someone know we're interested, whether it's a smile, a touch on the arm, or an invitation to come up for a nightcap... What's your flirting style? Answer a few questions and find out!

1.) Have you ever asked someone for their number?
Yes, all the time!
No, definitely not. I think I'd poop in my pants.
I have said it jokingly to someone.
No, but I have looked someone up in the phone book and called them.
Pick up lines work every time.
No, but I've given someone my number before.

2.) If someone you are very attracted to accidentally bumps into you, how do you react?
Follow him around, until he or she notices me.
Make a joke about it.
Blush and apologize...tehe
Throw out your best pick-up line.
Strike up a conversation.
Smile real big, and maybe wink. ;-)

3.) The way you attract a potential is.....
make sure that they notice your cleavage or biceps.
Compliments are the best way.
make him or her laugh.
Befriend his or her mother.
Make lingering eye contact.
Act disinterested.
ask them out. be aggressive.

4.) Are you an introvert or an extrovert?
introvert.....im shy.
Extrovert...i love people.
im somewhat in the middle.

5.) Pick-up lines are.....
only good if used correctly.
a good way to start a conversation.
stupid, theres other ways to catch a person's attention.

6.) When talking to someone you are interested in you....
Look down and blush.
giggle or laugh at almost everything the person says.
just stare at him or her.
Lick your lips seductively
tilt head and listen intently
you actually care what the person has to say.

7.) Have you ever called someone you're interested in and hung up when they answered?
Isn't that illegal?
yeah, but it was just for shits and giggles
yeah i wanted to hear his/her voice.
yes, i wanted to find out if he/she was home
yes, i get nervous sometimes
i dont make a practice of it.
no.....i just play it off and start a conversation.
nope.....ive had phone sex before though.

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