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» Quiz: Are You My Type
Are You My Type
created by KILLmissEmerica8

See if your anything close to the kind of person i would date. Guys only please. If you get a good score e-mail me KILLmissEmerica8@aol.com

1.) Your daily wardrobe consists of...
Jeans and a band t shirt that may not be clean but smells decent plus a possible leather jacket
A nice button down shirt with a pair of nice jeans straight from the dryer.
Your little sisters low rise jeans, a My Chemical Romance t-shirt thats 3 sizes to small and tons of eyeliner
ahh whatevers clean
tight ripped Jeans and an old band t shirt, lots of buttons and patches and some old dirty shoes

2.) Some of the bands you listen to are...
My Chemical Romance, Senses Fail, Atreyu...
Simple Plan, Yellowcard, Taking Back Sunday
Dead Kennedys, Sex Pistols, Black Flag...
Led Zepplin, AcDc, Guns and Roses...
Dr. Dre, Eastside Boys, Tupac...

3.) When i say dancing the first thing you think about is...
Wrecking in the pit
Moshing to your favorite screamo/emo band
Bopping along to a killer taking back sunday song
having some hot chick grind against you
slow dancing to a power ballot in the bed of your truck

4.) In your free time you...
Look for sex, anywhere and anyone will do
Watch porn and lots of it!
Cry your eyes out to your own heart felt poems, and cut yourself
Skateboard and head off to local shows
Enjoy hours of listening to the calming music of Pink Floyd as you try to understand what does it all mean?

5.) Two Movies you enjoy watching are...
SLC punk and Sid and Nancy
Fast Times at Ridgemount High and Dazed and Confused
Anything they happen to show on BET
Detroit Rock City and any Kevin Smith Movies

6.) You spend ---- time getting ready in the in morning
an hour... that eyeshadow and liner needs to be perfect
dont know i always fall asleep in the bathtub
people have time to get ready in the mornings?
10-20 minutes
Not long at all i pull on some pants and im ready to go!

7.) You take time to remember the genius of...
Kurt Cobain
No one
Sid Vicious and any other punk rock god!
Jim Morrison or Pink Floyd

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