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» Quiz: Are You In Love?
Are You In Love?
created by AmAnDaMarIe13769

take it to find out!

1.) Do you two live close to each other?
yes right down the road!
yeah like 10 miles
me and him/her??
No he/she lives in another city
i need a plane to fly there
we live together!

2.) How often do you guys talk?
on the phone every night!
we live together duh!
on the internet all the time!!
at school
like during lunch
my friends talk to him/her for me
sometimes if hes/shes not with his friends

3.) Do you guys hang out?
at school
all the time on weekends!
if he/she has time
if i get up the nerve to ask him/her
only if he/she asks me.. which is never
with his/her friends
umm how many times do I have to say WE LIVE TOGETHER!

4.) Do his friends like you?
a couple of them
no they think Im annoying
I think his/her friends are hott
I'm not sure they dunt say much
I'm like best friends with all of them!
they cant stand me

5.) Are you ever alone with him?
in detention
on the phone....
yes if his/her friend leaves the room
I dream about it!
we hang out all the time alone

6.) Does he/she have interest in ur friends?
he/she just thinks their hott
NO! their just cool as friends
he/she dated one of them...
just friends...i think
NO he/she hates all my friends

7.) Do your parents like him/her
Yes they love him/her
i dunt kno he/she never met them
i dunt remember
yeah my mom does
they said hes/shes nice havent spent much time

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