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» Quiz: Which Zodiac Sign Would You Be Most Compatible With?
Which Zodiac Sign Would You Be Most Compatible With?
created by Rise to Demise

Twelve different outcomes, (of course) with pictures!

1.) Choose an element from the following :

2.) Choose your favorite color from the following:
Anything dark

3.) Which of these groups of qualities sound most appealing to you in a partner?
Sensitivity, Imagination, Not materialistic
Honesty, Loyalty, An intellectual
Practicality, Patience, Sense of Humor
Optimistic, Straightforward, Philosophical
Determined, Passionate, Exciting
Easygoing, Romantic, Peaceful
Modest, Intelligent, Analytical, Reliable
Generous, Creative, Faithful
Loving, Imaginative, Protective
Adaptable, Youthful, Communicative, Witty
Persistent, Patient, Protective
Adventurous, Courageous, Confident

4.) Which of these negative traits would you be willing to accept from a partner?
Selfishness, Quick Tempered, Impulsive
Jealous, Possesive, Greedy
Always tense, Superficial, Inconsistent
Moody, Overemotional, Clingy
Pompous, Patronizing, Bossy
Overcritical, Fussy, Worrier
Indecisive, Gullible, Self-indulgent
Compulsive, Obsessive, Resentful
Annoyingly optimistic, Careless, Superficial
Pessimistic, Fatalistic, Grudging
Detached, Perverse, Unpredictable
Idealistic, Weak-willed, Easily led

5.) Which of these qualities/likes/hobbies are most important to you?
Mysterious, Quiet, Dreaming
Fighting for what you believe in, Friends, Planning
Being right, Professionalism
Traveling, Understanding, Freedom
Finding Truth, Meaningful Work, Being persuasive
The finer things in life, Sharing, Gentle
Healthiness, Good hygiene, Order
Speculating, Drama, Children
Romance, Parties, Companions
Talking, Reading, Multi-tasking
Stability, Having people adore you, Pleasure
Action, Challenges, Coming in First

6.) Of the following, which are some of your biggest pet peeves/dislikes/fears?
Waiting around, admitting failure, Other people's advice
Disruption, Being Pushed, Being indoors for long periods of time
Being tied down, Learning, Being alone
Failing, Being told what to do, Competition
Safety precautions, Small minded people
Hazards to health, Sloppy work, Being unsure
Violence, Being overworked, Injustice
Being taken advantage of, Shallow Relationships, Flattery
Off the wall theories, Details, Being tied down
Fantasies, Dead-end jobs, Ridicule
Broken Promises, The Ordinary, Limitations
Being criticized, Pedantry, Know-it-alls

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