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» Quiz: Which crazy Ex-Girlfriend of mine are you?
Which crazy Ex-Girlfriend of mine are you?
created by zackoiswhacko

Who are you? Are you my ex?

1.) Did you talk on the phone with me...
not too much, i text you a lot. i know it costs more than a phone call, but hey, its more convienient for me.

2.) Our first date is winding down, do you...
Move in for a quick kiss on the cheek
Move in for a nice hug
Make out for an hour and dry hump me to death

3.) How does our relationship end?
Moving away
I ignore you, cause you don't talk enough on the phone
I tease you till you can't stand to look at me

4.) How far away do you live now
So Cal. The dudes are way hotter down here

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