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» Quiz: Lesbian,Bisexual,or Straight
Lesbian,Bisexual,or Straight
created by Witnessyourreplacement

Don't have a damn clue what your sexual prefrence is then come her to find out from none other then a lesbian.

1.) You walk into your friends bedroom after staying the night over and you see her and your sister making out what do you do ? or what is your reaction?
You hide quickly and pretend nothing happened and you fearshes out to get you next so you come out when she is finished and act like ur sick so you go
You just watch from a hole in the door and think well i dont mind it but i wish it was me and not my sister,
You knock on the door ask your friend to come here then u push her on the bed get on top of her rip her clothes off and have fun.

2.) You spot to chicks making out suddenly they look at you what do you do?
Say eww you fucking biker dykes your nasty
Hey ladies mind if i join?
Hey you to are cute as hell

3.) You and your friend sleep in the same bed you fall asleep and then wake quietly only to hear her and see her masturbating what do you do?
You reach your hand down to help while getting on top of her kissing her neck and her lips
You pretend to cough then fall out of bed
You are kinda shocked so to make your self feel comfrotable you do it to
You punce on her like a mad animal taking control of her pleasuring her

4.) Your in the shower and suddenly your hot friend walks in what happens?
You throw something at the light as it turns off and grab her kissing her holdig her tightly
You get scared then she asks cani join with a cute face and you say sure what harm can it do
You say nothing and hurry up out the shower holding your towel close

5.) Which are better? Lesbians,Bisexuals,or Straight people?
Lesbians!!!! all the way
Bisexuals we get both
Omg im straight i mean who wouldnt want that man dick?

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