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» Quiz: Would i like to be with you (boys only plz)
Would i like to be with you (boys only plz)
created by browneyedsuicide

take this to see if id like you and if youd be lucky enough for me to wanna be with you

1.) The abused question whats your fav color? (sorry hadda ask)
Shimmery bright hot pinks and yellows and everything bright and happy!
dont really have one i like them all
some reds or dark blues maybe some greys something not too bright ya know?
Anything dark like a dark black, anything that reminds me of the dark i love so much

2.) What sexuality are you?
i am straight hell would have to freeze over for me to be a queer!
im a guy and im striahgt
im straight i think
im prolly most likley straight
im bi

3.) What music are you into?
Like ashless simpson, jessica simpson some christina too!
i love r ap thats all i listen to
i like just a few rap songs but msotly i like rock and just a tad metal if that even
METAL/ INDUSTIRIAL all the way kiss me and call me a metal head baby im a tru headbanger
i like some hard rock, love metal and especially cr adle of filth and a lott overseas metal bands they are the best

4.) What is you view point on love?
i dont believe in love at all i think its all about the sex bABY
i like love its ok, but i dont thnk its love when two girls ar together or what not
i believe in love im looking for the someone because i know they are out there too looking for me
i wanna find love but theres time for that down the road i have better priorities first

5.) What is your style?
preppy athletic yay all the way!
what evers there ill throw on i dont gottaimpress anyone
chains, eyeliner all black, (if ima guy) i have that shaggy skater hair look , im cool like that with my converse
what ever i want
i wear my converse and a sarrcastic tee andband tees

6.) What is your body shape?
im a lil chunky..but im cute and i can always loose the chub!
im way thin some say im too skinny
im average
they have to put a sign on my ass saying caution wide turns im so bigg have two area codes!

7.) do gothic people creep you out or borderline punk/ goths
Hell yes get those freaks away
they dont scare me just dont wanna be around them
nah but i think id r ather not be labled
HELL NAH im one you dumbass
...mmmfunny people point and laugh

8.) how old are you?
I am 12 and under
i am 12-14
i am 14-18
i am 18-25
i am 25 and older

9.) This quiz sucked ass didnt it?
yeah ur right
yeah but atleast i can maybe hook up with you thats all that matters!
no i just wanna see if ican hook up with you
are you l ike some gothic freak or something because come on...its kinda obvious! i hate those
are you kinda a goth omg thats so cool me too i jsut hope i scored good enough so i can email you
the test sucked balls! i know you know it too
eh it was so so
it was cool i guess different but cool (yeeeah..right)

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