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» Quiz: What Kind of Love Are You?
What Kind of Love Are You?
created by blakesxnightmare

is your love perfect or are you heartbroken? or are u somewhere in between?

1.) It's a friday night. What are you doing?
Thinking about your ex. Wondering what happened and crying yourself to sleep.
making a mental list of the people you like at the time. wondering if one of them could be your soul mate.
Downtown with your significant other. Kissing, holding hands, staring into eachothers eyes. Laughing and dancing in the streets.
Out at a dance club. You see a hot girl/guy and walk over to them. u greet eachother and u being picturing ur future children together.
youre at home watching tv and wondering what your mum might be making for dinner.

2.) youve liked a certain someone for a while. theres a dance coming up you:
start to cry knowing that what you had with that person is gone and you will most likely go by yourself or not at all.
actually youve liked that person for about a day now. but ur sure they will go with you. surely ur meant to be.
a dance? pff. i love the 80s is on VH1. ill be at home watching that of course. besides. girl/guys confuse me..
daydream about dancing with your crush but are too shy to do much about it. maybe if they hint they like you...
dont really have to worry about it. your boyfriend/girlfriend asked you to the dance months ago.

3.) okay. so what colour appeals to you?
white and purple and blue
red and black.
pink and red or velvety blue

4.) how many boyfriends/girlfriends have you had?
1 or 2... but they didnt really work out. still looking.. i hope i find someone soon....
a few.. but im completely lost with out my one true love.... sigh....
like 10 or more. i sort of lost count. but i loved all of them. it just... didnt work out. u know. heh.
doesnt matter... ive forgotten all that anyway.. i have my love here with meh.
0. none. ick. i mean.. who cares about that stuff anyway?

5.) what kind of animal do you like?
sigh... animals? but .... my ex used to like animals!!!! ...cries.
cheatah! yeah!
well my boyfriend and i want to buy a pet together once we're out of high school. maybe a puppy.
sheep. dragons. fairies.. are fairies animals?
frogs are cool. i like snakes too. lizards.. heh.

6.) The end. i love you all. what is your last word?
sigh. oh... its over? great... leave me alone with my mind...maybe ill go play with razor blades...
great. my bf/gf was getting sort of restless. were going to take a walk now. gosh i love him/her.
oh okay... guess ill watch i love the 80s now..
oh... im sad now. i like quizzies. i guess ill go daydream about my soulmate... maybe he lives in japan. shit... now ill never meet her/him!
kewl i guess. better go call jack/jill from the club last night. im thinking about proposing.

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