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» Quiz: Are U ObSeSSeD With YouR CruSh?
Are U ObSeSSeD With YouR CruSh?
created by QuEeNz_CuTiE

Hey Gurlz.....dont get all Glen Close on your Michael Douglas!!

1.) Do you talk to your crush?
NO, Im soooo shy!
We can call each other aquaintences but not friends....maybe a hi or bye every now and then
Sure, we talk about normal friend stuff and I often flirt....
YEAH! I always have long convo's with him when I see him and I flirt a lot too.

2.) Do you know where he'll be before he actually comes there?
Nope, I don't care too much bout always seeing him.
Sometimes we run into each other coincedentally......
I know some places he'll be only cuz I see him there all the time
I gotta admit, i do follow him around....ONLY cuz he makes me happy

3.) How much do you know about him?
Not much, just his name
His name, age, hobbies.....
Name, age, friend's names, hobbies, where he hangs out........
His name, age, where he lives, hobbies,friends names, where he hangs out, relative's names......

4.) How often do you find yourself thinking about him?
Only when I see him
When I see him and when something reminds me of him
When I see him, when something reminds me of him, I dream about him sometimes, Sometimes I think about him for hours.....
All the time, he's always running through my mind. Even in my dreams. I cant talk about anything else

5.) If someone told you he is Anger Management classes, what would you think?
Woah, this crush is officially over. I dont want a wife beater!
That'z scary, I still like him but maybe I should move on.....
AWWW...that'z so sweet. He realizes he has a problem and is trying to fix it. I like him even more now........
That's ok, nobody's perfect! And besides, he's still super hot.

6.) Last question, Will you rate this quiz?!?!?!
I CANT cuz now it's time to go to sleep and dream about my cutie wootie bear and how we'll hook up and be the best couple and then a wedding........
I guess I'll give you a 10 cuz this quiz reminded me so much of the OnE TrU LuV.........
Yeah, ok....it was good....maybe a 8 or 9...
No cuz it was a waste of time. How is a quiz gonna tell me if I am obsessed....Im not even obsessed....wait, what is this for again???

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