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» Quiz: Would I date You(Girls Only)
Would I date You(Girls Only)
created by Totallytwisted

See title

1.) What color eyes do you have?
None of the above

2.) How long is your hair?
Down to my ass
Middle of my back
Shoulder length
What hair!

3.) What's your build? (fat,skinny, ect.)
More cushion for the pushin

4.) What color is your hair?
None of the above

5.) What would we do on a first date?
We would go to dinner and the movies
We would go out clubbin and bar hopping
Rent movies and have a romantic night at your house
We would go to a concert
Go to the mall and hang out
Screw the date!!! We would fuck all night

6.) Are you kinky?
Hell Yeah!!! The kinkier the better
Depends on my mood
What's Sex....

7.) Where are you most likely to have sex at?
In a bed. Duh
Anywhere there is a chance we would get caught
In the Shower.....all hot and wet
The back seat of a car
On the couch
Anywhere you want to
I don't have sex

8.) If I were to buy you something expensive what would you do?
Say thank you
Give me a hug and say thanks
Give me a kiss and say thanks
Take me into the bedroom and fuck my brains out as a way to say thanks
Think to your self "What a fucking sucker" and laugh
None of the above

9.) Do you drink?
Im drunk right now
Only on the weekends
Every once and awhile but not often
No I don't touch the stuff

10.) Do you do drugs?
Im always high
I Get high atleast once a week
Every now and again
Don't touch the shit

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