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» Quiz: Are you a good girl/boyfriend?
Are you a good girl/boyfriend?
created by megzcush

find out now...

1.) Whats the thing you wanna do most with your g/f or b/f when you see them?
Interigate him/her on if she/ he has been talk to other guys/girls
i dunno
Just be more friends never argue
its usually quiet we barely talk
wreastle naked!!!!

2.) Do you feel the need to....
call your b/f or g/f a lot
Tell them you love them all the time
Argue constantly
just sit and be quiet
Just have him/her hang out with you and you best friend cuz she/he is just one of those people ur best friend completly gets along
Yell at him/her for checking out other people

3.) What do you think of your relationship when you think of the future
We'll be together forever and ever cuz we love eachother
uh i dont even know why i am wwith him/her
What time does time does who knows
i dunno stuff
OOOO sex lots of sex oh man honey moon sex anneversary sex o lots of fucking sex!

4.) Does you b/f or g/f tend to choose friends over you...well what do you think of that
I HATE MY b/f or g/f's best friend what a fucker!
Where are you and why
Hey his/her best friend is awesome no problems here
I hang out with her/his best friend and he/she all the time
i dunno
who cares a get some one way or another

5.) What do you and your b/f or g/f do when you guys are together majority of the time
i think of who he/she is thinking about
uh nothing
We go out all the time hang out with our friends she/he is more of a best friend that i know wont cheat on me when we are with other guys/girls
OOOO man sex you know the good stuff

6.) Are you and your b/f or g/f open to eachothers thoughts
ya i always wanna know what he/she is thinking about ALWAYS
hahaha who cares what he/she thinks
oh yeah we can talk about anything and everything
we never even talk
hhehehe you said
who cares

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