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» Quiz: you like him .. does he like you ? (girlsz only)
you like him .. does he like you ? (girlsz only)
created by xo babii` lee

do you like some guy .. and u wanna know if he likesz you .. take this quiz to find out!!

1.) if he walked past you at the mall, he would ..
smile and wink
look away
just smile and say hi
just glance at you

2.) would you consider him your friend
yeahh .. sorta
of course
not at all

3.) how long have you known each other
1 to 3 years
4 to 5 years

4.) when does he talk to you
only at school
all the time
only on e-mail or AOL
he calls me like everyday

5.) how does he act around you?
like he usually does
shy and quiet
much more hyper than usual
calls me names and picks on me

6.) has he ever invited you anywhere (with him or with other people too) ?
once or twice
yeah .. all the time
yea .. sometimes

7.) does he touch you in anyway at all ?
strokes his fingers through my hair
rubs me all over
pats me on the back
puts his arm around me

8.) is he interested in your life and hobbies ?
not really
never asks or talks to me

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