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» Quiz: **WhAt MaN WiLL YoU MaRRy??**
**WhAt MaN WiLL YoU MaRRy??**
created by lalalahollywood

Take this quiz to find out what kind of man you will marry one day!

1.) How do you want to get married?
On a playground with lots of colors and balloons!
A regular old church wedding with maybe 50 people.
With a large crowd, and an army of men holding up swords as you leave the aisle.
In a huge palace decorated in luxurious gold, and ivory, with a wedding gown made for a princess.
A simple church wedding with a lot of people, and a huge party afterward. Everyone compliments that you look so good together!

2.) Where would you go on your honeymoon?
Las Vegas!
To Hawaii!
To the French Alps!
The Bahamas!
New York City!

3.) What would your main conserns be in your marriage?
That he will be drafted to Iraq.
That he might die!
That he might flirt too much and fall in love with someone else!
That he might flunk out of school.
That he might spend a little too much time on the computer.

4.) What would you like to get out of your marriage?
A life full of love lust.
A fun outgoing life.
A life where you will learn something new everyday.
A safe life full of protection, and the chance to travel.

5.) How is your sex life?
It's GREAT, he's young and knows how to work it fast!
Eh... he makes wierd sniffle noises, but it's cute.
Very respectable.
Non existant.

6.) Why do you love your husband?
Because he keeps me going.
He's smart and knows how to treat me.
He's disaplined, and respects me, loves me, protects me... ahh...
Well, he's rich....
He's so beautiful, and we are such a perfect couple!

7.) How do you kiss?
Slight open mouth, a little tounge. Nothing messy.
A kiss on the cheek will do him right!
Mouths open sort of wide, a lot of tounge, and hold eachother tightly.
A peck on the lips
Total tonsil hockey!

8.) Who do you think you should marry?
A boy significantly younger than you are?
Someone kind of gangly, but with a lot of brains?
Someone with a lot of respect for people and knows how to salute!
A slightly older man with a lot of money!
A beautiful hunk of man!

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