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» Quiz: Would I Date You? (GUYS ONLY)
Would I Date You? (GUYS ONLY)
created by forgotten_emotion

1.) We've never met, and our friends set us up on a blind date, where do you take me?
fast food, a movie, then the fair thats in town
a long walk on a beach at sunset
your place, we hang and make out
to your buddies shack, so you can fuck me

2.) You see me at school, and I look really down, you....
Throw a football at my head and laugh with your buddies
Ask me if I'm ok, then ask me if I wanna help stick fire crackers in all the toilettes
Ask me if I'm ok, and talk to me for a while....your late for your next class.

3.) What Kinda music are you into
Emo/Punk (ie, Brand New, SOCO, Strayligh Run, Linkin Park...etc)
Oldies..(ie, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Journey, Elton John, Led Zeppelin...etc)
Hard Core Rap
Rock and Roll
A lil bit of everything,,,,,,

4.) Schools over, summer time! I tell you I'm stuck going to my grandma's for 4 weeks! You....
Make hotel reservations in the same city and visit me everday.
Call me everyday, and tell me how much you miss me
Call me everyday and tell me whats going on at home....Jimmy go hit by a car!
Never call, never email me.....nothing

5.) You ask me if I wanna move the next level (sex) and I tell you, not yet....you....
Leave me
tell me thats fine, and make a note-to-self to ask again in a few weeks
say no worries, and invite me to a party your buddy is having

6.) Last question, its my birthday, what do you do?
Get my best friends to come to a party at your place
Take me mini golfing, followes by fast food, and driving around all nite leaving flaming dog crap on peoples door mats!
get me tickets to my fave band
you forgot my bday.....

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