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» Quiz: what type of boy do you like?
what type of boy do you like?
created by 57275727

discover what kind of boy is your type

1.) what is your ideal date?
walk in the beach and something to eat
playin' sports and something to eat
a conversation,visit to the museum, and food
movies,food,lots of fun

2.) what's your ideal person?
likes sports,hot,sort of sensitive,good height
sweet,sensive,cute,easy 2 talk 2
cute, really smart, easy 2 talk 2
really funny,really cute,smartish,

3.) what your favorite color?
black(even though it isn't a color)
what does color have to do with this?

4.) what kind of clothes does he wear?
comfortable clothes, running shoes, and casual
brand name clothing, cool shoes
casual everyday clothes,and sk8r gear
nice dress clothes and shoes

5.) what kind of boy do you think is your type?
smnart one
one that likes sports
sweet kind and romantic
funny boy(then again most are funny)
why do you care?
i don't know!!!!!

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