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» Quiz: What BEAUTIFUL anime girl are you?
What BEAUTIFUL anime girl are you?
created by Gistle

There are many different anime girls- hot, cute, and pretty. See who (and how pretty) you really are!

1.) What color is your hair?
A. Long and blonde
B. Reddish
C. Its brown
C. Not listed

2.) What color clothes do you wear?
A. Pink!
B. White!
C. Red!

3.) Are you a lover or a fighter?
A. I fight! Wanna see me fight?! Cuz ill bring you down right now! HYAAA!
B. Both :)
C. Nope! I sit back and relax- i mean root for my friends as they fight! heh heh...
Sometimes i fight, sometimes i dont. It really depends on the situation...

4.) Do you have a boyfriend?
A. Boyfriend?! (blush)
B. Tee hee! nope but Im looking! (wink, wink)
A. No- I get too shy around him!
D. Yep! Actually boys fight for me! :)

5.) Okay- last question! Do you have any special abillities?
A. I am a karate expert and Im phycic too! :)
B. A cute wand thingie with wings!

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