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» Quiz: Does he like YOU or your PUSSY, were you just a fuck?
Does he like YOU or your PUSSY, were you just a fuck?
created by MarMar420

ya finally gave it up right? well does he like you or were you just pussy?

1.) were you and your boo ever going out or more then friends?
Ya were were, we fucked and thinks are chill between us
Ya we were then we fucked now things are different
We were going out, he duped me after
we were just drunk and fucked
we werent going out but were were not exactly just friends
I dont know hes weird especially now

2.) Do you talk now, after the big fuck
Duh were going out!
No! he got what he wanted!
Well kinda, we sure dont talk as much as we used to
Havent seen him since

3.) Did he call the next day
Ya! ofcourse
Like i said we were just drunk!
No he didnt call :(
Ya but I didnt talk to him (felt weird..)

4.) were you friends before?
Ya ! were b/f g/f!
Ya thats why im so sad that things changed, i lost my buddy
No I was drunk, Some guy.......
I knew him but we were friends

5.) were you drunk when this happened?
Ya but that had no effect on it
no way!
He was/ I wasnt - I was/ He wasnt

6.) Did you guys have any emothional connection?
Oh my god ya!
No just his dick in my pussy!
I felt one, I dont think he did
I guess

7.) Did you guys talk at all or get right down to it?
YA , alot, about everything
Nope, went right for the goodies
Kinda I guess
Just about the sex

8.) Did you use a condom
too drunk to remember
nope ;(
some of the times.....

9.) was it your virginity
ya..... :(

10.) did you talk about it since
no way!

11.) are you hella stuck on him?

12.) Ifso, does he know?
kinda I guess, I havent told him though
Ya I told him i was

13.) did you and your boo hook up or do anything before this?
I guess

14.) Has he at all expressed any of his feelings for you
ya! They werent that good though
ya, they were sweet
nope, he doesnt express his emotions much
Ive tried but i cant get anything outta him

15.) are you guys going out/ or friends still

16.) Have you fucked more then once?
in one night yeah
ya all the time

17.) does he hook up wit alot of tha females
just me! :)

18.) do u love him

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