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» Quiz: I'm wondering if you'd be my type?
I'm wondering if you'd be my type?
created by Polaris

Girls can take this quiz to see if they'd be my type. I'm not looking, sorry, but you can get results for fun! :)

1.) Ok, first of all... how old are you?
Under 15
Over 26

2.) Next... which type of guy would you like most?
A smart, sensitive, sweet, shy guy who is also romantic and cute
A player who likes to have sex with random people, gets drunk constantly, and does a lot of drugs.
A jock, model, or some other guy who's hott
A highly emotional guy with lots of depth who isn't afraid to laugh or cry.
A guy who's cool.

3.) What's your favorite style of music?
Modern Rock
Rap, Hip Hop, or R&B
Grungy metal and punk
Soft or classic rock

4.) Which of the following is your hair color?
I can't even remember at this point...

5.) If you had something emotionally life-shattering happen, what would be your most likely response?
React calmly and coolly
You'd come to me crying and trust me with what happened. You'd also expect me to cry with you.
You're strong enough to handle the problems, but you'd come to me with them just so we could have the experience of handling our problems together.
You'd threaten to kill yourself.
You'd smoke or ask me to have sex with you.

6.) Which most closely describes your religious beliefs?
I follow one of those two, but sometimes I just don't believe in their moral standards...

7.) Which is your favorite way to show you love a boyfriend?
Stare into his eyes and whisper, I love you...
Soft, sweet kisses and hugs
Going out a lot
Getting wild
Screwing... lots of screwing... with whips and stuff too!

8.) Which gift do you like to receive best?
Roses or something lovely like that
A poem written from the bottom of one's heart
Jewelry and stuff
Sex toys!
Something that makes one smell sexy

9.) Which of the following would you visit most if you had a choice?
Neuschwanstein Castle, in the tranquil mountains of Germany
The Calm, Beautiful Loire Valley of France
Big Ben in the middle of bustling London
Tokyo, Japan
Some crowded, smelly place like New York City! There are so many parties and clubs there!

10.) And, finally... which of the following intellectually stimulating activities appeals to you most?
A discussion on religion, politics, philosophy, or literature.
Listening to music or playing it
Reading - or writing! - books and poetry
Talking about sex... nothing but sex
Getting high!

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