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» Quiz: Are you In LOVE??
Are you In LOVE??
created by SpAm4x

1.) Do you want to be with the person all the time?
Yes....Like all day and cuddle with them everyday!
No i want to be alone alot
HELL YEA i cant get them out of my mind
Yea for like 1/2 the day everyday

2.) Would you die for them?
No bout i would get like shot in my arm leg or where ever but not die
I would rather get beat up for them
YEA i would DIE for him!

3.) Would you do anything for him?
It depends on what you mean anything
Naw he can do it him self
Yes as long asit didnt offend me

4.) Do you every think where is he adn whi who when he dosnt call?
Nope i have full trust in him
Kinda but then i think he wouldnt do nething like that to me
Yea all the time
well kinda and it is on my mind for a while but i ask him bout it and if he says what he was doing i would believe him

5.) Do u cheat on him
Yea once but i regret it and i told him about it and i was crying and we still go out
No i dont believe in cheating even tho i had chances i never took them
NEVER NEVER thats so damn wrong to cheat !

6.) Do you tell eachother you love them?
Yes but not all the time just when ones want to here it we say it or we might say it out of the blue
Yes all the time even by his friends and everywhere
Um No yukkkk
Nope but im getting close

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