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» Quiz: Would I Date You?

created by souls of the forggoten

This is a quiz that has been done a million times. I have tried to resist the urge but I can't. So here it is. Guys or Girls can take it.

1.) Do you write poetry?
Yes...I love poetry but I don't really like to read it.
NO. Poetry is not my style/sucks.
No....I like to read it more then write it.

2.) Would you defend a person being made fun of?
No...I would join in or laugh.
I would walk the other way. Inless they were a friend.
Yes. I would. Even if the person had made fun of me before. No one deserves to be picked on. Inless they are bitches that need to die.

3.) What type of music do you listen to?
AFI,HIM,Slipknot,The F-ups,Kittie,Anti-Flag,A7X,The Rasmus,SOAD,Rancid,Jimmy Eat World,Eve 6,Breaking Benjamin
Some of the stuff in answer one and a few other bands like those.

4.) Are you Straigt Edge?
No...What the fuck is that?
Yes. I am sXe and proud.
I guess....I didn't know there was a name for it.

5.) Do you know what straight edge means?

6.) Do you like Jack In The Box, Pizza, Hot dogs, Onion RIngs. Lima Beans, Corn Dogs....Some junk food?
Hell yes. Love it.
It's ok....I don't really like veggies though.
NO! I am a Straight Ass Vegan.

7.) How tall are you? And How old are You?
14 or 15/ 6'0
Any other age and below 6 feet.

8.) What Is Your Personallity Like?
Fun, I like shopping carts, sometimes rude. I am sensitive too.
Fun, obsessive(over any object you own), love the out doors...
Fun, semi outgoing, sensitive.

9.) um do you think this quiz covered some of the important things in a relationship?
most of it yeah.

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