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» Quiz: What type of anime couple are you?
What type of anime couple are you?
created by LunaSea

Im doing this in class and Im having trouble finding some good anime pictures.. so I might redo it later ! lol hope you like it.

1.) How many times do you tell your other that you love them?
All the time ! I love them soooo much,,, ::day dreams::
I didnt think I could love them at first.. but after awhile I finally confessed and now I tell them how much I love them all the time.
All the time, nothing can get in the way of our love.
Never.. though Im dying to tell them.
Hmph! me love ::inster name here::?? NEVER! ::glances over at them and giggles:: uhm what was the question again? ;x
They dont love me... and I dont like the person who likes me. xP

2.) How much does your love mean to you?
What love... ? ::looks around makes sure their not around::
Everything ... ! Id DIE for them.. ;x
I never wanna let them go!
Never ever ever let go...
I dont know.. ;x
It means the WORLD to me !! nothing can get in our way... ::heart heart::

3.) How far would you go to keep you and your other together?
To the ends of the earth!!
I would die for them...
Love.. ? ::blush::
next question..? ;x
As far as it takes !!
Im sooo confused... x.x
::day dreams::

4.) Cheetos?
love... love..
uhhh huh?
yeah.. ? ;x

5.) Would you ever cheat on your other?
Im not with anyone I have better things to concentrate on.
no... but im not with them ! I mean.. I am.. no.. blah ;x
Never! Their the only one I need !!
No.. their my only one.
They dont love me...
of course not ! Their my one and only... ::day dreams::

6.) Do you easily get jealous?
Grrrr who is that persont their with? o well I dont like them anyway.. hmph
whyy??? ;x

7.) All is fair in love and war?
I guess?
Of course.
What love ? theres a war??
Who cares for love.. theres war! weee.
Love.. . ::day dreams::
love love ! looooveee!

8.) Last question, just to even things out, im not feeling creative. Favorite color?
That last answer was stupid, not even a color.

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