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» Quiz: Which Horse Color Is The Real You???
Which Horse Color Is The Real You???
created by johndeere

this quiz will describe how what color fits your personality! great beautiful horse pics!

1.) What word describes you?

2.) What breed of horse best fits you?
Quarter Horse- stocky, muscular, and very athletic
Shire- strong, tall, and hard working
Arabian- gentle, perky, and fiery at the same time!
Miniature- small, petite, and a little agile, but i still got da powa!
Thoroughbred- tall, long legged, and faster than the speed of light
Mustang- wild, untamed, and yet very attractive
Paint- exotic, beautiful, and dazzling!

3.) If you fall off a horse, what are you most likely to say?
Im NEVER doing that again!
Well, i have to get back up sometime!
OOOOHHHH that really really hurt! I think i broke my nail!
Owch! Ok give me a boost!
Ohh well, things happen!
Well thats just great! These are my new pants! Stupid horse! Grrrrr!
I don't wanna get back on!

4.) Your lucky charm is....
golden horseshoe
4-leaf clover
blue moon
red heart

5.) What riding discipline do you do the most?
the typical western stuff, barrels, roping, cutting, western pleasure, halter, trail class, penning...you name it!
Olympic riding!
Endurance racing!
The fancy english stuff, dressage, english pleasure, jumping, halter too, one of those at least!
Equine vet!
i ride just for pleasure, not competition!

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