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» Quiz: What kind of cat are you?
What kind of cat are you?
created by Grass!

1.) What would you like to do at a party?
drink all the beer i can find
see how much of my body I can fit into a cup
Greet people at the door and ive them a flower as they enter
have a contest seeing who can run into a wall and make the biggest dent
check out all the babes
eat everything before its all gone
try not to get lost in the crowd

2.) What question do you get asked most frequently?
Are you lost?
Hey you wanna beer?
I'm the one asking questions around here!
When is the baby due?
what do you want to be when you grow up?
hey sexy wanna have some fun?
i get asked alot, but i never can a give an answer. I don't know!

3.) Choose a pick-up line:
What a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
I can't get up to throw anyone a pickup line
My puppy is lost can you help me find him?
Whats a pickup line?
I prefer a nice hello instead.
Whats your sign? whats your favorite color? whats your name?Are those pickup lines?
no lines, nothing says i like you like abottle of beer tho.

4.) Someone cracks a joke at you, what do you do?
ask why someone would come up with something about you like that
beat the crud out of them
look at them blankly and get back to your beer
return one with
why do they want to joke? i don't understand? what did i do to deserve this!

5.) Pick a sport you would play.
a drinking game
I will play any sport I have never played before!
skydiving, with a backpack
i'd rather not move.
huh? where do i go to play sports? i don't know how to plkay sports and if I did i wouldn't know how to get to the place to play! what going on!

6.) Food?
YEEEEAAHH!!!! Get me a sample of all ya got
where? i don't see any. What are you talking about there isn't any food here! I am so confused!
How about a steak. Or some ribs
roasted beetles sounds yummifull
May I please have a cookie?
I want something I have never tried before, like.... mongolian!
Yeah can I get a Sam Adams, a hamburger and some playing cards, yeah ok bye.

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