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» Quiz: Which Animal are you?
Which Animal are you?
created by baree33090

This is a great quiz to see which animal (out of 15) you are most like. It's quite accurate, too!

1.) What do you like to eat?
Mmmmmm......steak, burgers, pork chops, and bacon!
I prefer salad and veggies.
Seafood is great!
Everthing in sight!
Chips, cookies, crackers, all the sort!

2.) What activities do you like to do?
Running, tennis, basketball, any sports.
I like to play made-up games with friends
I like to hunt!
I like to eat.
I don't know.
I like to scare people

3.) Which attribute best describes you?
I'm mysterious
I'm annoying! :)
I'm shy.....
I'm sneaky....hee hee hee!
I'm happy happy happy!
I'm jittery
Rawr! I'm scary!

4.) Which PHYSICAL attribute best describes you?
Large and tough looking
Small and timid looking
Muscular, but not so tough looking
Small and cunning looking
Average size

5.) Are you social or not?
Yeah, I loooove being with my friends and family!
Yeah, sorta
No, not at all
It depends......

6.) How would others describe you?
No one really knows me

7.) What type of music do you like?
Rock and roll!
Heavy metal
Hip hop
I don't really care
Anything that has a good beat
Anything that sounds weird

8.) Where would you like to live?
In a nice open meadow
In a treehouse
In the forest
In the ocean
In a house, duh!
In a cavern!
Anywhere near food
In a cage
In the sky
In an alley or somewhere dark

9.) If you could have any power you wanted, what would it be?
To rule the world! Mwahahahaaa!!!
To be invisible
To fly
To have never ending food
To make it so no one would notice me
To never have to work
I want to stay the way I am!
To be a natural musician

10.) Assuming you aren't one already, what type of criminal would you be?
A burgular!
A murderer! Mwahahahahaaaa!
To be an escape artist (okay, so it's not exactly a criminal)
To plagerize (to copy a book and says you wrote it)
To be a mugger/gangster

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