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» Quiz: How much do you love horses?
How much do you love horses?
created by cotten_candy

How crazy are you? How long will it last?Find out all the details here!

1.) How old are you?
5-10 years old
11-13 years
16 and above
13 years
15 years

2.) Do you own a horse?
No but i really want one
Yes i do and i go to pony club,shows......
No but i'm thinking of getting one soon when i have some more money together
Yes but my parents bought it for me
Yes and i love to do stuff like trail ride,and groom him/her

3.) Do you have any horse posters on your walls?
Yes heaps i can't count them,you can't see my walls!
My room is so horsey,i have horses on clothes,horses on my school books,horse models,magazines,horse books,show ribbons,horse hooves.........
A few nice Framed pictures hanging up,etc.
I have a couple but i also have hot guys,animals and my fav bands......
A Giant poster of Good Charlotte,does that count?

4.) What do you like to do with horses?
Ummm riding is fun,i get my little sister to muck out the stables EWWWWW!
I love going to my riding lessons
Anything on horseback thats fast and fun
Anything as long as i'm with horses
I don't mind mucking out the stables if i have to but i love trail riding,and riding western,anything relaxing and enjoyable.

5.) What is your favourite movie?
The Saddle Club's First Adventure
Anything with horses in it,seabiscuit....
Black Beauty
anything,chik fliks are kool like bring it on,leagally blonde and New York minute
2 fast 2 furious,the Scary movie,kill Bill vol 1&2,anything with a bit of action in it and a laugh!

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