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» Quiz: What animal are you?
What animal are you?
created by HorseCrazy2

Are you a Bird, Horse, Bear, Cat, or Dog? Find out! Take the quiz!

1.) What is your personality like?
I'm always the optimistic kind of person and keeps my head in the clouds.
Beautiful and nice. I am envied by others and I love to make people feel good and hates to see someone who's sad.
Quiet and shy around others, I usually to keep to myself.
Beautiful and prissy. I'm extremely chatie and has a big smartmouth.
Loyal to family and friends and extremely fun to be with.

2.) How many friends do you have?
A good amount.
Too many to count.
A few really close ones.
I don't need friends, I only need slaves.
I'm friends with everyone, though some of them only want my protection.

3.) What is your lucky number?
I'm always lucky! I don't need a lucky number!

4.) What is your favorite animal?

5.) Rate this quiz!
It's ok
I love it!
I can't decide
One part of me hates it and another part just doesn't care
It's so awsome I could hug it!

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