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» Quiz: What Phantom Stallion Horse are you?
What Phantom Stallion Horse are you?
created by JollyRancher

this quiz tells you what horse you are from the series, Phantom Stallion by Terri Farley.

1.) How old are you?
Between 1 and 5
Between 6-11
Between 12 and 17
18 or over

2.) What color is your hair?
Black with high lights
Blonde with darker highlights
Curly and crazy
Stubborn and never wants to do anything you want it to do

3.) Say you are wild and taken off the range and then abused and then sold again, what is your attitude like?
You hate humans, humans suck
You become a perfect angel
You become a one person horse, not wanting to do with and humane beside the one you love

4.) Do you like to take long, hot showers?
no, i take nude showers in the rain
yes, i love that kinda crap
what is a shower?!

5.) You are ahorse and all of a sudden a car backfires, what do you do?
You freak out and start running around the pasture scared shitless
you look up startled but go back to grazing
You run over to the fence, nose flaring, WAS ZAT?
you run to the other side of the pasture to avoid the noise but else you are fine

6.) Finally....... Would you rather be wild or domestic?
I dunno, i want to be both
I was born in captivity so i'll probably stay here
Nah, i like the pampering

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