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» Quiz: What type of cat are you?
What type of cat are you?
created by taysami

so cute! There are the cutest pictures!!!!!

1.) Someone tries to pet you. You...........
jump up on their lap.
bite their little hand off
run away!
Purr and let them pet you
Let them pet you as long as it feels good. Hey, you're like royalty here!

2.) A mouse scurries accross the floor. You...................
I've got bigger and better game.
Me? Get this beautiful fur dirty! NO WAY!
FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!!!
Pounce on the little sucker and then give it to your master as a gift.
Just sit around on your lazy behind and let it pass.
Go for it but then miss, hitting your head on the floor. That's gonna leave a mark in the morning.
go for it and eat the little morsel. hey, what else is there to do?

3.) Your favorite toys are..........
a rotting deer carcas!
a ball.
a peice of string or something like that.
a human!
Cat nip!
I don't have any!

4.) How do you purr?
a sassy kind of a purr.
like a little kitty.
fft fft rarer!
I don't inless someone pets me.

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