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» Quiz: What Mystical, All Powerful equine are you?
What Mystical, All Powerful equine are you?
created by Horsehowler18


1.) (Being a mystical equine creature) what color are you?
I'm a pale dapple gray, or a bright silvery/white color
Black...................just black
I'm multi-colored, with stripes and patches!
I'm Onix and Blizzard, catch my drift?
I'm a silken dun color, maybe with a dorsal stripe.
Why does it matter? it's on the inside that counts :)

2.) If you saw a human get shot by another human and sat there in pain, ready to die, what would you do?
Kill him of course! No room for the weak here!
I don't know, but like that's ever gonna happen
I'd go to him and tell him to never give up his hope. Faith can keep things alive.
I'd swoop down and pick him up, then bring him to a safe place, haven saved him, and heal him.
I'd sit and cry with him, then franticly run for help.
I'd use my spell-casting specialty and heal him instantly, while staying hidden of course.

3.) Where do you live?
Sadly, i live all alone, far from all the others.
I live in a land with a bunch of rainbows! Oh, and a lot of friends too!
I live in a mystical, sacred land, filled with others like me.
Down in hell,where they worship the ground i walk on.
Anywhere from the moon, to the mountains, to the sun, to the deserts.
HIgh in the clouds, or hidden in the forests and towns.

4.) What would your name be(out of these choices)
Something like Lunar Eclipse, or Ebony Beam
Something like Ain't ever Dyin', or Hope comes Another Day
Something like Hell's Master or Death Star.
Something like Sassy Talisman
Something unique like Raining Flower
Something like Rescuer or Save

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